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Bold Chipotle Gouda Cheese

Reminiscent of the cuisine of coastal Veracruz, Mexico, where jalapeños are often cultivated and used in traditional fare, Boar’s Head Bold Chipotle Gouda Cheese is where the New World meets the Old. Buttery Gouda cheese is infused with smoky chipotle spice and zesty peppers and then hand-rubbed with a rich chipotle powder for extra bold flavor. 

Milk Source

Cow's Milk

Country of Origin

United States (Wisconsin)

Cheese Type


Beverage Pairing


Available sliced fresh in the Deli & in the specialty cheese case.

  • Gluten Free
  • No Caramel Color
  • No MSG Added
  • Premium Vegetarian Products

I've always liked Boar's Head meats and cheeses, but when you came out with the chipotle gouda and the jerk turkey, I can't get enough of it. Keep up the quality and you'll always have me as a customer.

Kyle Why I Trust