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Maple Glazed Roasted Chicken Breast

Kids of all ages will love the sweet taste of our Maple Glazed Roasted Chicken Breast. We start by smothering the highest quality boneless, skinless chicken breast with delicious pure maple syrup and honey. Then oven roast to perfection. Pair with tart apple slices for a wholesome, sweet & tangy snack or chop it up in a salad with walnuts and our crumbled Blue Cheese.
  • Gluten Free
  • Milk Free
  • No MSG Added
  • Raised Without Added Hormones
  • No Nitrates or Nitrites Added
  • No Artificial Color
  • No Caramel Color
Nutritional Information

Please note that the Heart-Check Food Certification does not apply to recipes or information reached through links to other information unless expressly stated. For more information, see the American Heart Association® nutrition requirements here.

Federal regulations prohibit the use of hormones in pork and poultry.

No Nitrates or Nitrites added except for those naturally occurring in cultured celery powder and sea salt.